On the waterfront

Living with the Rhône and Saône

A new, landmark exhibition, opening as soon as possible!


Against a backdrop of ecological challenges and a new appetite for urban living, the Lyon History Museum (LHM) proposes an exploration of the Saône and Rhône, the two rivers that flow through Lyon and form an integral part of its history and identity. Ever since they settled on the banks of the Saône in ancient times, the people of Lyon have lived with the rivers that run through their city. And it's been something of a turbulent love story! 


  • To offer an immersive exhibition for a family audience,
  • To raise awareness among very young audiences of the relationship between mankind and nature in the city,
  • To highlight the characteristics of the Saône and Rhône rivers,
  • To address and explain notions related to environmental issues by showing that the city and its inhabitants are part of the same ecosystem 
  • To depict the strong ties that once existed between the people of Lyon and the two rivers (water was a source of wealth, but also the source of many fears).


The exhibition is in the pipeline

All the LHM staff are rallying together to prepare the forthcoming exhibition. 

From the arrival of the 16th century dugout canoe – the flagship exhibit of "On the Waterfront" – to the actual setting up of the exhibition, the LHM is keeping pace with the project schedule!

Pending the inauguration, you can follow the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the future exhibition on our social networks!

Visualisation 3D de la pirogue-vivier